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Tiffany on March 11, 2022

After what I experienced my first visit I could not resist more sessions. She helped me understand that my chakras were imbalanced, which ones, and how it could be effecting me. I walked out feeling balanced and centered. She took the time to talk with me and help me understand. The vibe I get from her is pure, clean, and honest. She's also a pleasant person to talk to.



Kevin on November 1, 2021

Christin did guided meditation with me in the hospital after surgery. The meditation helped me relax and cope through my traumatic experience. I continued to see her through recovery. I know where to go for a tune up!



Kyle on July 22, 2021

Christin helped me learn yoga. My doctor recommended it. Being a man, I was uncomfortable, but she is easy to talk to. Felt comfortable right away. Then finally tried a Reiki session. Seriously awesome. I never felt so relaxed and my work stress just melt away. Recommended her to my Mom.



Isabella on May 13, 2021

I had been carrying a weight and tightness for years. After a Reiki session with Aura Cleansing I feel lighter and like I can breathe again. I feel so relaxed after (happy I have my sessions in the evening!) and I notice improved changes throughout the following days. Happily receiving regular treatments.

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