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Shamanic Journeying is a technique in meditation of indigenous practices. It is a guided ceremony to conceptual realms for deep healing and guidance. The session is an opportunity to come into more love, trust, and confidence releasing anxiety, fears, and pains.

Sacred space is held for this ancient practice. Ceremony begins with preparation exercises, intention setting, and integration. Native tools of drum, rattle, and feather are used to facilitate the experience. Counsel is provided on feedback after closing of the ceremony. 

Yoga Pose

1 HR

A specialty yoga session is an opportunity for a beginner to nurture their practice, or for a practitioner to dive deeper into their journey. Here is the space to ask questions and receive specialized one-on-one attention in Hatha Vinyasa style. 

The session begins with initial assessment, discussion of past/existing injuries, and goals. Personal effective queuing is provided. The session is closed with a Savasana "final relaxation" meditation.

See the About page for details of specialty certification.

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