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Welcome to my spiritual school - Shiloh Drive. There are three options to work with me one on one depending on your need and budget. Please view the options below and call or text (832) 785-5872 with any questions, or to get started. 
P.S. If you found yourself here, this is your sign. 
- Christin

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One on one Spiritual Coaching includes:

  • Access to me as your spiritual teacher via text/call to coach you through day to day adjustments and challenges between our meetings 

  • Check ins from me to gauge progress, mitigate blockages, and establish accountability 

  • Custom plan for the current goal and necessary modifications 

  • Homework that is checked and discussed (this will ensure you apply the knowledge to your life). 

  • Personal Spiritual Counseling with Integration

  • Access to advanced spiritual teachings 

  • Guaranteed healing at the deepest level




Samsara is the Sanskrit word for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This cycle can lead us to much learning and transformation - if we choose. Eventually, the goal is to break out of the cycle of Samsara and achieve enlightenment.

The Samsara System is an intelligently designed process for transformation based on ancient spiritual practices and teachings. It is a case-studied proven system used to reprogram unwanted behaviors, patterns, and beliefs alchemizing them to fuel a new creation.

This option includes at least 3 months of one on one Spiritual Coaching ($1,000/mo value) and a ten step custom plan guaranteed to see results at a deeply discounted package price. 

The Samsara System is for serious clients willing to agree to a 3-6 month commitment to complete a full cycle. Please call or text (832) 785-5872 for your custom plan.

Tree Roots



The Foundations include 3 one on one sessions and one month of Spiritual Coaching at a deeply discounted package rate. Call or text (832) 785-5872 for your custom plan.

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